Tuesday, 20. February 2007

Verschwiegene Intimitäten #2

"Emily, somewhat tranquillized, proposed returning to the chateau, and then, for the first time, recollected that the Count had invited Valancourt thither to explain his conduct, and that no explanation had yet been given. But, while she acknowledged this, her heart would not allow her to dwell, for a moment, on the possibility of his unworthiness; his look, his voice, his manner, all spoke the noble sincerity, which had formerly distinguished him; and she again permitted herself to indulge the emotions of a joy; more surprising and powerful, than she had ever before experienced."

Ann Radcliffe: The Mysteries of Udolpho. A Romance.
[Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Jacqueline Howard. Penguin Books: 2001, p.628]

Playlist #12, 20.2.07

- Franz Ferdinand: This Fire
["This fire is out of control/ We're gonna burn this city, burn this city"]
- The Band: This Wheel's On Fire
["Wheel's on fire/ Rolling down the road/ Just notify my next of kin/ This wheel shall explode"]
- The Meters: Fire On The Bayou
["Fire on the Bayou/ Fire on the Bayou/ Lord have mercy!"]
- Leonard Cohen: Who By Fire
["And who by fire/ Who by water/ Who in the sunshine/ Who in the nighttime"]
- The Rolling Stones: Play With Fire
["But don't play with me/ cause you're playing with fire"]
- Talking Heads: Love --> Building On Fire [Live]
["It's not love/ It's not love/ Which is my face/ Which is a building/ Which is on fire"]
- Bruce Springsteen: I'm On Fire [Live]
["Hey little girl is your daddy home? Did he go away and leave you all alone?/I got a bad desire/ Ooo, I'm on fire"]

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ich verstehe diesen eintrag...
ich verstehe diesen eintrag noch immer nicht...
roland_and_his_burning_nose - 27. Apr, 21:26
dort gibt es zweifellos...
dort gibt es zweifellos weiße anzüge, hawaiihemden,...
syro0 - 18. Dec, 13:00
2009 wird ein Abba museum...
2009 wird ein Abba museum mit ca. 750 erinnerungsstücken...
turntable - 17. Dec, 22:29
polyphon sogar: ich bemerke...
polyphon sogar: ich bemerke erst jetzt einen gewissen...
syro0 - 26. Nov, 15:56
diesem Hausverstand pfeift...
diesem Hausverstand pfeift doch das schwein! grüße:-)
turntable - 25. Nov, 23:11
très charmant
très charmant
gizzy duststar - 17. Nov, 20:25
roland_and_his_burning_nose - 11. Nov, 18:41
danke für die ehre,...
danke für die ehre, welche mir zuteil wird. grüße
turntable - 2. Nov, 17:02


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