Housman par excellence

Er schreibt über die (sehr konservative) Lucilius-Ausgabe von Friedrich Marx:

" 'Audacia' is the chief crime which Mr Marx (i, p.cxv) imputes to Mueller [...] But when Mr Marx and his school talk about 'audacia' they do not mean audacity, they mean alteration of the text; and they would be surprised to hear that the fabrication of imaginary contexts [was Housman Marx vorwirft] has any audacity about it. Just as murder is murder no longer if perpetrated by white men on black men or by patriots on kings; just as immorality exists in the relations of the sexes and nowhere else throughout the whole field of human conduct; so a conjecture is audacious when it is based on the letters preserved in a MS., and ceases to be audacious, ceases even to be called a conjecture, when, like these conjectural supplements of Mr Marx's, it is based on nothing at all."

Aus seinem Text "Luciliana" (1907 in The Classical Quarterly); Teilabdruck in:
A.E. Housman. The Name and Nature of Poetry and Other Selected Prose. Edited by John Carter. New York: New Amsterdam 1989, p. 107

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2009 wird ein Abba museum...
2009 wird ein Abba museum mit ca. 750 erinnerungsstücken...
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très charmant
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danke für die ehre,...
danke für die ehre, welche mir zuteil wird. grüße
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