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"[...] now we are going to be finished off by Fannie Mae.

I don’t even know what Fannie Mae is. Apparently, it’s not a bank and it’s not a building society, but it seems to have been buying mortgages and debts from various institutions. And then, one day, it appears to have woken up and thought: “Oops.” Quite how it was allowed to get in this mess, I’m not sure. Did nobody think it odd that a mysterious organisation was stomping around the world buying debt? Did nobody stop for a moment and wonder if perhaps Fannie Mae was a home for mentals? I mean, we’re talking here about an operation named after the human bottom. How did it sign its deals? With crayons?

Seriously, if I set up a business called Arse and went around buying outstanding loans on the nation’s never-never-land three-piece suites, I wouldn’t get very far before someone with a soothing voice and a corduroy jacket put me in a padded room for the rest of time."

Jeremy Clarkson in der Online-Times

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ich verstehe diesen eintrag...
ich verstehe diesen eintrag noch immer nicht...
roland_and_his_burning_nose - 27. Apr, 21:26
dort gibt es zweifellos...
dort gibt es zweifellos weiße anzüge, hawaiihemden,...
syro0 - 18. Dec, 13:00
2009 wird ein Abba museum...
2009 wird ein Abba museum mit ca. 750 erinnerungsstücken...
turntable - 17. Dec, 22:29
polyphon sogar: ich bemerke...
polyphon sogar: ich bemerke erst jetzt einen gewissen...
syro0 - 26. Nov, 15:56
diesem Hausverstand pfeift...
diesem Hausverstand pfeift doch das schwein! grüße:-)
turntable - 25. Nov, 23:11
très charmant
très charmant
gizzy duststar - 17. Nov, 20:25
roland_and_his_burning_nose - 11. Nov, 18:41
danke für die ehre,...
danke für die ehre, welche mir zuteil wird. grüße
turntable - 2. Nov, 17:02


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